Marianne Bullock started working with silver metal in 2017 after years of organizing work with incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people.

In 2018 she embarks in self taught silversmithing as a way to process, heal, and create small rituals in her life after burn out. Still deeply committed to social change, this outlet is a way to reimagine what change can look like, through alchemy, wellness, adornment, and practice.

Marianne is currently working with youth involved in the juvenile system and families in drug court in Massachusetts. She is an administer of the “Peoples Fund”, a mutual aid network providing funds to keep families together in the face of deportation, incarceration and separation.

She was founder of The Prison Birth Project and lead organizer of the Anti-shackling Campaign which passed in 2014.

She is currently writing curriculum, training birth workers, and working with previously and incarcerated women in Western Mass.

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